Pin Your Microblog to the Bulletin – Marketing Thoughts about Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit


The spotlight shines brightly on social media star celebrities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But, what about the lesser known stars of social media? Are they any less important? Should businesses include social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit in their social media campaign? Depending on your marketing strategy, the answer may be yes! Let’s take a deeper look into these B-List social media platform celebrities.



  • What’s so special about Pinterest?

Pinterest is a wonderful way to organize content useful for your target audience in a visual way. Boards, based on ideas, interests, and plans, allow you to pin web pages to that board in an organized manner. These pins save content found on the internet much like a visual bookmark. Constant Contact, an online marketing resource website, in an article entitled 5 Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses believes that with simple planning and organizing, a business could be well on their way to building a Pinterest page which will benefit their organization.

  • Tips for businesses who use Pinterest

Constant Contact gives five tips for businesses who want to use Pinterest in their social media campaign:

Separate Business and Personal Accounts

It’s unprofessional to have your personal pins available to be seen by the public. Here’s a hint: Utilize Pinterest’s secret board feature. Yep, you can make some boards private so only you can see them.

Stay Organized

You’re going to lose your audience if your pins are unorganized and all over the place. Make sure pins are in the right catagories and have a purpose for being there. You want your viewers to be able to locate what they’re looking for right away. This will help your product sell better.

Think Visually

Constant Contact says that “creating engaging content is the most important thing you can do on Pinterest”. You want to capture your audience’s attention and get them to interact with your brand. Do so in a visually compelling way.

For example: Saucony (my favorite brand of running shoe) has a great Pinterest account. It displays visually compelling content with some great eye-catching colors.


Plan Ahead

Sure it may take some time, but plan out your boards on paper before creating them. This will allow you to present your material in an organized and clear manner.

Be active

181iv7orxmci2jpgMake sure that your content is fresh. It’s easy to forget to update your board, but don’t you dare forget! You want viewers coming back to your board. If they come back and there’s nothing new to see, that might be their last time visiting your account.



  • What’s so special about Tumblr?

Shopify, in their e-book 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale, includes a chapter on using Tumblr for business. They define Tumblr as a micro-blogging platform.

As a micro-blogging platform, Tumblr is a lightweight platform that let’s you add content almost as quickly and seamlessly as writing a tweet on Twitter. Simply select the icon describing the type of content you want to add and you’re good to go.


The majority of Tumblr users fall into the 18-34 crowd, so Tumblr is an excellent way to reach that target demographic (who are too cool for their parents’ Facebook and Twitter).

  • Tips for businesses who use Tumblr

Create a Tumbr Name and a Theme

Be picky! Take your time in choosing what you want your name to be (you don’t want it to include the name of your business). Strategize your market angle. How do you want your audience to see you? Shopify suggets that you should “really make your Tumblr blog ultra-specific and highly thematic“. This will make your blog resonate with your target audience which will in turn generate shares, backlinks, and followers.


…would smell as sweet. Or would it?

Utilize Strategic Tagging

Just like Twitter, businesses can use tags to attract more people to your blog. As usual, make sure that your tags are relevant and specific. Don’t only think about what your blog is about, but also what your blog is associated with.

For example, in the picture of the rose above, we could use tags such as “Shakespeare”, “Rose”, “Romance”, and “Poetry”. Again, it all depends on what audience you want to attract to your blog.

Include Tumblr in SEO Strategies

Use rich keywords for your SEO stragegy across all platforms. If you’re selling “pumpkin spice muffin candles” and you use those keywords and rank high on Google’s search page, then create a Tumblr post with those keywords in the blog title. Make sure the content of the blog is unique and different, though. This could help you claim more real estate on that coveted first results page on Google!

Target the “Cool Kids”

As the e-book mentioned earlier, Tumblr mainly appeals to the 18-34 age demographic.
Make sure your blog posts are relevant to them. Stay current with pop culture and write blog posts that would interest them (if they are part of your target audience).



Emma Siemasko, content marketing manager at Grasshopper, in an article entitled “Why Startups and Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to Reddit and Snapchat” described Reddit as “the self-advertised ‘front page of the Internet’, is essentially a digital white board and message board populated by millions and millions of people“.

  • What’s so special about Reddit?

Reddit is a bit of a mix of everything that can be found on the Internet. From pictures, to memes, to original content, Reddit will have it. Reddit runs on a vote system. The more “upvotes” that something receives the more it gets pushed to the top of the slush pile. Conversely, you can also “downvote” something, and it can eventually get buried and forgotten under other other information. The trick is to get your content as close to the top as possible.

  • Tips for businesses that use Reddit

Siemasko gives a few tidbits of advice for those who want to use Reddit in their social media marketing campain.

Do NOT Advertise

No, seriously. Unless you’re going through a legitimate, paid advertisment route, don’t do it. Siemasko warns that Reddit users will deal quite harshly with anyone who attempts to sell them something. Instead, she recommends that businesses present something useful and worthwhile without expecting anything in return.

man hands holding gift box in office

Allow Things to Happen Organically

Siemasko gave an example of a company that sold t-shirts. Instead of attempting to sell directly to Reddit users, they uploaded a picture of their t-shirt design and placed it under /r/pics. The users like the design so much that they asked if they could get a t-shirt with the design on it. Advertising in this way can pay off better than attempting a cold sale.

Choose the Appropriate Subreddit

iconimadethisA subreddit is a forum dedicated to a specific topic on Reddit. Make sure that your content is strategically placed into the right subreddit. Perhaps you’re a baker who makes amazing themed cakes. You can post to /r/IMadeThis to show off your amazing baking skills. Posting content into the correct catagories can set you up for those coveted “upvotes”. More visibility means more interaction, and that’s usually a good thing.


Even though Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit aren’t your usual goto platforms for social media marketing, perhaps they should be. Again, figure out where your target market is and go there. Don’t be afraid of trying something unconventional. Internet users today have become cynical and savvy. They can spot a sales pitch a mile away; however, if you educate or entertain them, they can become customers for life.

What are your thoughts about the B-List social media platforms? Questions or comments can be left below!

(original header image can be found here. Images are not my own and are used for educational purposes only)

4 thoughts on “Pin Your Microblog to the Bulletin – Marketing Thoughts about Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit

  1. taylorembryblog says:

    Great visuals! Very fun to read with your different layouts, I like the setup of this blog! I found a lot of relative information in comparison of our blogs, but I definitely enjoyed reading yours more (shhhh). Nice post!


  2. tyleralleesmm says:

    Reddit can be cool for companies to use the AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit. CEOs can get on their and host a wide range of questions and comments from users. I think that is one companies could start using a lot more. Great post though, keep up the good work!


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