Lights, Camera, Action! Social Video Marketing for a Digital Age

  • Video ad revenue will increase at a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5% through 2016, according to our estimates.
    ~ Tech Insider, Business Insider

From these statistics (and there were many, many more), it’s apparent that adding social video to your marketing campaign is a wise move. As stated before, a block of text can’t compare to an image or, even better, a video. So, how do you ceate compelling, inspiring and actionable online videos? In an article entitled 5 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing, the Digital Marketing Institute offers five suggestions on what not to do in your video for social media.

  • Don’t Center the Video Around the Salekirby

In other words, don’t be the equivalent of a pushy door-to-door vacuum salesman. No one wants that, and you’ll lose your audience. Instead, center your video around the story. People get pulled into a good story. In that story, appeal to your target audience’s needs and hidden desires. A little creativity can go a long way.

  • Don’t Make It Longer Than 10 Seconds

Studies show that 20% of  your viewers will click away from the video if it’s longer than 10 seconds. Try to grab your audience’s attention right away. They want to know why they should spend their time watching your video. Give them a reason! Use a good hook, question, or even better, make them laugh.

  • Don’t be Boring

Exciting x Boring creative sign with clouds as the backgroundThis kind of goes back to the first point. If you’ve created a piece of obvious marketing fluff, you will lose your viewers. Get your creative juices flowing and create well designed content that will capture your viewer’s attention. Digital Marketing Institute says that viewers “want to laugh, they want to feel enlightened, they want to be pulled out of their boring 9 to 5s and forget about their realities”. Give that to them.

  • Don’t Forget to Optimize

Remember my SEO blog post from last week? This a great time to use that information. Use relevant and unique descriptions so that search engines can find and rank your video. Also, make sure that you enable embedding on your video. What is embedding? When someone uses your video on their website, it will “embed” your video into their website (though the video remains with the original host–you). This means that whenever someone views the video, it will still be counted towards your video hits. It’s important to note that not all websites allow embedded videos.

  • Don’t Forget to Educate Your Audience

Do you have an amazing product? How can your audience best use it? What are people saying about it? How are other ways your can use this product? Take for instance a popular educationbrand of applesauce. Perhaps show a video on how to make healthier cookies by replacing the oil with applesauce. Educate your audience. Give them reason to need your product. You could also interview someone who has used applesauce as an oil replacement for the last three months and their cholesterol is down so many points due to the swap. A good success story is a great way to market your product.

Website Example: Kraft


Kraft does an excellent job using social videos to market its product. It has a social media advertising campaign called “Kraft Recipes” that focuses soley on educating its audience in a variety of ways to use their product. Kraft doesn’t only give their audience suggested recipes in text form, but they also offer step-by-step videos which demonstrates how to make these recipes.

Kraft offers recipes across its many social media platforms such as YouTube (their “cooking school”), Facebook, and Instagram. One very important social media platform that Kraft focused on is Pinterest. Since many people go to Pinterest for recipes, Kraft cleverly focused on its Pinterest social media platform. They have a main Pinterest page with many, many different boards to follow. A lof of the suggested recipes come with “how to” videos.


How do you use videos for social media marketing? I’d love to hear from you!

(orginal header image can be found here. Images are not my own and used for educational purposes only)

4 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action! Social Video Marketing for a Digital Age

  1. Taylor P. says:

    Wow, great post! Your first point resonates with me. I am often very turned away when I sense a video or a person trying to use old fashioned methods of sales. I want to know how I can be part of the story and how I will be positively impacted by the product or service. Again, great job!


  2. drewlegan5 says:

    This was a great post!! You are very good at writing interesting but informational blogs. I enjoy your style and the media that you add into your post as well. I enjoyed learning about your example wit Kraft. I did not realize that they were so involved with social media.


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